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Journey of Inspiration
The designs of Melina jewellery are crafted in the spirit of history, art and the atmosphere around the Mediterranean.

This special spirit arises from living and traveling in the present and in the past. It occurs in the dusty streets below the Acropolis, the ruins of Delphi, the windy coastal roads along the French Riviera, in the shadow of Alexander the Great's Egypt, on the edge of Rome's many fountains or on the beautiful sandy beaches of Cyprus.

We have dedicated this site to share some of our places of inspiration and we want to encourage our customers to share their places of inspiration with us.

Please send us pictures of places that remind you of your jewellery and make it your special place of inspiration.

The best and most inspiring picture of the month, with a short description of how it inspires you, will be rewarded with a special bead.

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