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Meteora, Greece is the location of some of the country’s incredible landmarks: numerous monasteries poised atop rock formations.

Many of these religious establishments house treasures and relics and the Megalo Meteoro monastery sits on top of the tallest rock formation in Meteora. Greece is also the home base of featured jewelry brand Melina WorldJewellery.

Egyptian Pharaohs made sure that bracelets featuring metal charms were an integral part of their burial process as they believed charm bracelets served as a guide through the afterlife.

In England Queen Victoria’s predilection for adorning her wrists with an assortment of glass beads and metal charms started a major fashion craze.

The end of WWII on through the 1950s saw an explosive obsession in charm bracelets in the United States of America and Danish jewelry brand Pandora is currently one of the most popular brands for charm bracelets.

Historically these decorative jewelry designs were used as a source of protection or to mark rites of passage; and according to jewelry designer Tracey Zabar “the charm bracelet is an oh-so-feminine autobiography on a chain.”

The designers behind Melina World Jewellery, Melina Konstantina and Lykourgos Grypaios, specialize in charm jewelry composed of 18-karat gold, handmade Venetian glass beads, and sterling silver.

The brand’s sterling silver and 18-karat gold charms such as Cycladiko, Meandros, Knot of Hercules and God of Love-Eros are inspired by Greek history and mythology.

 “Our designs are created from the history of ancient Greek myths and the journey of Alexander the Great all the way from Italy, Egypt, Asia, and the Middle East to India,” says Melina Konstantina.

“These unique historical designs in gold and sterling silver can be combined with modern, handmade Murano glass beads to make an individual charm bracelet or necklace.”

Like the Pandora brand, the gold, glass bead and sterling silver charms of Melina World Jewellery are high quality as each charm, bead, clasp, and chain are handmade. As 18-karat gold charms are also “made upon request” it allows for a wearer to implement a custom made charm if he or she opts for other symbols.

The incorporation of either simple black cords, yellow gold or oxidized silver chains to string the charms and glass beads provide a different backdrop or mood to a completed piece.

With so many color combinations of glass beads there are endless possibilities of building a unique charm bracelet or necklace that is reflective of you or someone dear to you.

 “Both Lykourgos and I are formally trained. Lykourgos hand crafts the unique clasps and metal charms,” Melina Konstantina offers.

“He has been designing jewelleries since he was a child as he was brought up in a family jewellery business.

I returned to my young-girl-dream of designing jewelry after several years in another field. I truly believe that it is healthy to be reminded of your background in a positive way.

We are what we are because of our background. My jewelry is designed to be meaningful, give good energy and harmony. We all need that.”

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