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Why buy from MelinaWorld?
There are other brands that also use the 5000 year old concept of "beads on bracelet"...

Therefore, we take pride in the following facts:

- We only work in silver and gold. All of our beads are marked with 3 stamps.

- The Melina World Jewellery logo: Melina

- Our Goldsmith code: Ω47

- The international stamp of Sterling Silver: 925

- The stamp 925 means that the metal is containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other substances. Without this stamp, the product can not be described as genuine silver. Our beads contain a minimum of 92.5% Sterling Silver. That means that every one of our beads contains on average more than 92.5% silver. Melina Jewellery is the only brand that advertises with this fact.

- Every single one of our silver beads is handmade in our workshop in Athens, Greece. Many similar products may be designed in Europe but produced in the Far East by cheap and unskilled labor. Our products; The silver beads, the chains and the glass are all designed and manufactured in Europe.

- Our silver chain is unique. There is no other like it in the world and the design is registered patented.

- The chain is made in one piece. Other chains consist of several composite parts, either glued or stapled together which makes them weak in the joints. Our chain is machine knitted in one piece and the ends are knitted to the inside of the fittings by hand and fused together. It makes our chain unique both in design but also in flexibility and strength, it is very strong and has been tensile stress tested in a lab.

- Our glass is all handmade. It consists only of genuine Murano glass from Venice, the clearest and strongest glass in the world. Each glass bead is handmade by skilled glass blowers in accordance with precise instructions from the designers. When the glass bead design is completed, the hole in the middle is expanded and finally a silver single core is inserted.

- This single silver core is also stamped 925

- Melina Jewellery fits on all known brands. Both our glass and silver beads fit on chains from the best known “beads on bracelet” brands.

- Melina World is a family business, we provide quick and personalized services and we take personal pride in providing a top quality product at a reasonable price. Like the ancient craftsmen before us, we also attach a small piece of ourselves in each and every one of our products...


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